‘I’m in heaven when I’m baking’

Megan Ellis developed her passion for baking at an early age, nothing made her happier than being up to her elbows in flour.  Megan started supplying friends and neighbours with cakes but the real turning point came when she was invited to run a cake stall at a local art exhibition.  She invited her friend, Rachel Maughan, to join her and together they sold all of her 160 cupcakes in the first 40 minutes…

…Megan’s Baking Heaven was launched.

But this is an enterprise with an unusual mission statement, one that isn’t about maximising profit but about really enjoying what you do, realising dreams and providing opportunities.

More volunteers and a third young person, Courtney Pountain, joined the team. Megan’s Baking Heaven was gathering momentum spending any profits from cake sales on more training, kitchen hire and creating opportunities for the young people involved.

Megan’s Baking Heaven is less than a year old and yet it already has provided 3 young people with a chance to shape their own social enterprise and maybe their futures.  The opportunities it provides are about so much more than learning to how bake a good chocolate fondant cupcake.

 Megan’s Baking Heaven is a not-for-profit social enterprise.  The money made from our cakes provides opportunities that otherwise don’t exist.